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Procedure libraries

Your site can have several procedure libraries, including a distributed version and one or more site-customized versions.


This topic applies to MainView AutoOPERATOR only.

Members in this library contain executable procedures that are used by MainView AutoOPERATOR. These procedures are execute command lists (EXECs) that automate site functions. For more information about EXECs, see the MainView AutoOPERATOR product documentation.


During the installation and customization process, you select whether to use runtime libraries or SMP/E libraries. If you use runtime libraries, your customized library names will start with BMC. If you use SMP/E libraries, your customized library names will start with BB, UBB, or TOSZ. A few library names start with IBB or SBB for runtime or SMP/E libraries.

Throughout the MainView documentation, the BB*, UBB*, and TOSZ* data set names are used even if the actual library names start with BMC*.


BBPROC is a distributed target library that is available when MainView AutoOPERATOR is installed.


This version of the procedure library should never be modified. Subsequent SMP maintenance will overwrite any changes that you make. The distributed name is used in this manual for reference only.


This library contains new user-written EXECs or customized EXECs from the distributed BBPROC library. This customized library is created automatically by MainView Customization, or you can create it manually.

If you used MainView Customization when you installed MainView AutoOPERATOR (as described in the Installation System User Guide), MainView Customization created a UBBPROC data set for you.

To use a specific EXEC sample

  1. Verify that the member was not already copied to UBBPROC by MainView Customization.
  2. Copy the sample member that you need from the distributed BBPROC library to the UBBPROC data set.
  3. Make the change in the copied member.

To customize MainView AutoOPERATOR manually

  1. Create your own UBBPROC data set.
  2. Copy the members that you need from the distributed BBPROC library into the UBBPROC data set that you created.
  3. Change the members that you copied in UBBPROC.

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