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Planning considerations

SSI contexts impose certain requirements.

This topic describes several issues that must be considered as part of the overall planning for an SSI context definition. When you plan for SSI context definitions, consider the following issues:

  • You must ensure cross-system communication is available between the local CAS and each CAS that provides data from a target system that belongs to the SSI context. If VTAM communication links are not established between CASs, target data cannot be accessed from those systems.

  • If you need to define SSI context definitions across systems, BMC recommends the following actions:

    • Use a consistent naming convention to describe the target products that belong to an SSI context.

    • Ensure that each similarly named SSI context definition contains the same configuration of target systems and products.

    Both recommendations are easily applied in a shared DASD environment that permits parameter libraries to be shared across systems. If different parameter libraries are used by CASs operating on different systems, separate copies of the SSI context definition must be maintained. These two recommendations ensure SSI context definitions can be maintained easily if each system requires its own definition.

  • Use wildcard characters to declare values set in an SSI context definition. You can avoid potential maintenance by using wildcard characters that generically incorporate a range of targets.

  • To avoid updating the local CAS definition to point to a different member, add SSI context definitions to the default parameter member with a suffix of 00.

  • If all CASs use the same SSI context definition member and share the same parameter library, you need maintain only one definition member.

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