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Overview of MainView customization

This reference section helps you customize your MainView environment to your specifications:
  • Describes the customization methods that are available to set up the MainView environment, and briefly explains the MainView architecture

  • Describes the libraries used in the MainView environment

    The MainView libraries are used by all of the customization methods. See MainView product libraries.

  • Contains detailed information about manually customizing the MainView environment

    The detailed information is useful as a reference for any of the customization methods. See Manual customization.

Customization methods

The following methods are available to customize MainView Infrastructure and products:

  • Customization within the Installation System (the recommended method) :

    • OZI Customization for MainView Infrastructure and the Runtime Component System (RTCS)

    • MainView Customization for MainView products

For more information about these customization methods, see the Installation System documentation.

  • Manual customization, which provides greater flexibility but is more time-consuming

For more information, see Manual customization.

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