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Overview of alerts

An alert is an automation concept that differs from an alarm report.

While they have some features in common, such as a severity and message text, alerts are created and deleted as a consequence of alarm reports. They are separate entities with unique capabilities.

An alarm report is the presentation of information. It does not trigger any actions. Alerts are used to trigger actions based on the information in the reports.

Alerts commonly contain the following types of information:

  • Alert text

  • Response command text and parameters

  • Escalation command text and parameters

  • Escalation intervals

All alerts issued by MainView products are sent to the Alert Management component of MainView Alarm Management. The alerts that can be displayed through Alert Management include the following:

  • Alarm reports generated by the Alarm Administration component

  • MainView AutoOPERATOR alerts

  • MainView Storage Resource Manager (SRM) alerts

  • MainView SYSPROG Services Exception Monitor messages


  • Alarm messages (both Start and End messages) also appear in the Alarm Management ALARMS view for diagnostic purposes.

  • Alert Management runs in the PAS for MainView Alarm Manager version 2.1 only. If you want to use Alert Management, you must set up the PAS. Alarm Administration, however, can be disabled in the PAS. For information about how to set up the PAS, see Manual customization, especially the step about defining the MainView Alarm Manager initialization parameters.

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