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Migrating alarm definitions

MainView Alarm Management version 5.0 and later uses an expanded alarm definition and new file system structure for storing the new alarm definitions.

These major changes in the alarm definitions require you to migrate alarm definitions from MainView Alarm Manager 2.1 to the current version of MainView Alarm Management before they can be used. You can migrate entire alarm definition groups or individual alarm definitions.

For procedures, see:

Migration considerations

Since Alarm Management version 5.0 and later runs in the CAS and does not have knowledge of the Alarm Manager 2.1 PAS, it does not have knowledge of the Alarm Manager alerts.

You will need to run both the MVALARM 2.1 PAS and MVALARM 5.0 to get all alerts. MainView Alarm Manager 2.1 can be disabled in the MVALARM 2.1 PAS.

Migration limitations

The following alarm definition features will not migrate from Alarm Manager 2.1 to Alarm Management version 5.0 or later:

  • Alarm definitions set against a summary view in an SSI context

  • Alarm definitions with modified expressions for escalation levels

  • Alarm definitions against customized views that are not available

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