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Managing the z/OS product address space (PAS)

The z/OS product address space (PAS) runs as a started task.


The information described in this section applies to the following products only:


  • MainView for z/OS

  • MainView for UNIX System Services

  • MainView SYSPROG Services

  • MainView VistaPoint (for IBM MVS workloads)

During customization, you can define the z/OS PAS so that it is started at IPL (see Creating the z/OS PAS startup procedure). However, if you need to start, modify, or stop the PAS manually, or if you are customizing the PAS for the first time, you might want to refer to information in this section.

This section begins with a discussion of some questions that are commonly asked by new z/OS PAS users; provides instructions for starting, stopping, and modifying the z/OS PAS; describes each parameter that is defined to the z/OS PAS PROC statement; and discusses how to run two CMF MONITOR Extractors concurrently on the same system for testing purposes.

This section contains the following topics :

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