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Managing MainView Logger definition members

BBPARM members LOGGERxx and MVINGIxx contain parameters that define MainView Logger logspaces.

The default BBPARM members LOGGERxx and MVINGIxx are created during MainView Infrastructure customization. You can also create these members manually from BBSAMP members NGLOGGER and MVINGINI. For more information about manually creating and editing the parameters in these members, see Manual customization.


  • Any additions, deletions, or changes made to parameters settings in BBPARM LOGGERxx or MVINGIxx members do not take affect until you restart the NGL logset for the logspace.

  • When you add or delete BBPARM LOGGERxx members, you must also update LOGGERxx suffixes specified on the SYSP parameter in the BBPARM member MVINGIxx to add or delete the LOGGERxx members.

The following topics describe how to manage BBPARM LOGGERxx members and the definitions that they contain.

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