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Managing CAS-to-CAS communication

CAS-to-CAS communication allows your terminal session to access information from PASs connected to another CAS, on another system image, or in a remote data center.


The information in this topic applies to all of the MainView products except MainView FOCAL POINT.

The figure in Managing cross-system communication shows how MainView products communicate with each other between system images. Typically, a single CAS serves as a node that transfers information collected from all PASs running on a system image. XCF communication is established automatically between CASs running in the same sysplex and in the same XCF group. If you do not want two sets of CASs within a sysplex to communicate through XCF, you can change the default XCF group to a different value by using:

  • DFLTGRP= parameter on the CAS startup JCL

  • CASDEF administrative view

For example, if you have a production set and a test set, the test CASs can use a default group name of TESTCAS while the production CASs use the default group name BBGROUP.

VTAM communication is established between CASs that are running on separate images outside of a sysplex environment. Optionally, you can establish TCP/IP communication by specifying a port number and IP address on the CAS definition.

The following table lists common tasks and the associated commands for controlling cross-system communication links between a local CAS and a remote CAS. Each task includes a page reference to more information about completing the task.


View or Command


Manage CAS definitions

See respective topics for commands

Managing CAS definitions

Manage CAS definition parameter library membersSee respective topics for commandsManaging CAS definition parameter library members

View the status of all CAS-to-CAS links


Displaying active systems and sessions (CASACT and CASACTD views)

View information about the CAS you are running on and related components


Viewing information about your current CAS (CASINFO view)

Start VTAM communication links

STart primary or ST line command

Starting VTAM communication

Quiesce VTAM communication links

QUIEsce primary or QUI line command

Quiescing VTAM communication

Halt VTAM communication links

HALt primary or HAL line command

Halting VTAM communication

This section contains the following topics :

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