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Managing CAS definitions

To manage CAS definitions for cross-system communication, see the tasks listed in the following table.

CAS definition management tasks


View or command


Add CAS definitions for the first time

Not applicable

Adding CAS definitions for the first time

View all CAS definition library members (BBMTYBxx) in the parameter library (UBBPARM)CASDEFL viewViewing all CAS definition members (CASDEFL view)

View all CAS definitions in a CAS defintion member


Viewing the definitions in a CAS member (CASDEF and CASDEFD views)

View the details of a particular CAS definition


Viewing CAS definition details (CASDEFD view) 1

Obtain the edit lock to edit a CAS definition

EDIT primary command

Editing CAS definitions

Add a CAS definition after first-time customization

ADD primary command or A line command

Adding CAS definitions

Change an existing CAS definition

CHAnge primary command or C line command

Changing existing CAS definitions

Define TCP/IP communication for a CAS

ADD primary command or A line command

CHAnge primary command or C line command

Defining TCP/IP communication

Cancel edit mode, adds, or changes in progress

CANcel primary command

Canceling CAS definition edits

Delete a CAS definition

DELete primary command or DEL line command

Deleting a CAS definition

Recover a CAS definition that was previously deleted

UNDelete primary command or UND line command

Recovering a CAS definition

Immediately update the CAS with new or changed CAS definitions

INStall primary command or INS line command

Immediately installing changes to CAS definitions

Save changes to a CAS definition in the CAS definition member (BBMTYBxx)

SAVE primary command (or the END primary command)

Saving CAS definitions

Deploy (copy) CAS definitions to other systems

DEPloy primary command

Deploying CAS definitions

Manage and monitor deployment


Managing and monitoring the deployment process (CAS definitions)

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