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Managing CAS definition parameter library members

Use the CASDEFL view to manage CAS definition members (BBMTYBxx) in your CAS definition parameter (UBBPARM) library. Adding one or more CAS definition members to your library enables you to create and manage multiple, different CASPLEXs across your system. 

The following actions are available for the CASDEFL view:

Add CAS definition members

To add CAS definition members, use the ADD primary command or A (Add) line command. 

The Add BBMTYB Member dialog is displayed. You can either copy from an existing member or create a new one. Specify the Member Name Suffix and (optional) Description.

Change CAS definition member descriptions

To change CAS definition member descriptions, use the C (Change) line command.

The Change BBMTYB description dialog is displayed. You can use z/OS system symbols (&SYSNAME, &SMFID, and so on) in your description.

Delete CAS definition members

To delete CAS definition members, use the D (Delete) line command.

The Delete BBMTYB definition dialog is displayed. You must confirm that you want to delete the selected member.


Deleting a CAS definition member from the UBBPARM library is permanent and non recoverable. As a precaution, you cannot delete the CAS definition member being used for your currently connected CAS.

View CAS definition members

To view a CAS definition member, use the S (Select) line command.

The CASDEF view is displayed in BROWSE mode for the member you specified. When in BROWSE mode the status field on the window information line is (00 BROWSE )

For more information on viewing CAS definition members, see Viewing the definitions in a CAS member (CASDEF and CASDEFD views).

Edit CAS definition members

To select a CAS definition member for editing, use the E (Edit) line command.

When the Edit command is used, the CASDEF view is displayed in EDIT mode for the member you specified. When in EDIT mode the status field on the window information line is (00 EDIT  ). For more information on editing CAS definition members, see Editing CAS definitions.

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