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This space provides the same content as before, but the organization of the home page has changed. The content is now organized based on logical branches instead of legacy book titles. We hope that the new structure will help you quickly find the content that you need.

MainView Explorer

MainView Explorer (MVE) is a client/server application that provides access to MainView products. Using MVE, you can:
  • Display data in various chart types, including topology diagrams, histograms, and three-dimensional bar charts

  • Use tree navigation and EZExplorer nodes to access data

  • Create and save personal configurations

  • Execute MainView product action commands

  • Customize data display

MVE uses active icons that change their appearance to indicate the status of the displayed objects. Newly added or active mainframes, systems, subsystems, and workloads are displayed in the navigation tree automatically. MVE consists of two components:

MVE Client

The MVE client can be launched in one of the following ways:

  • (PTF BQY1939 applied) Using a stand-alone package, located on your desktop or on a shared network drive
  • Using Java Web Start to run outside the browser as a Java application

For more information on launching the MVE client, see Launching MainView Explorer.

MainView host server

The MainView host server is a mainframe started task that runs as an address space on an IBM z/OS system with a running CAS. The host server communicates with MVE client applications using TCP/IP. Multiple host servers can run in a system and communicate with the same or different CASs. For information on starting the MainView host server, see Starting the host server.


The MainView host server must be running in order to launch the MVE clients.

This section contains the following topics:

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