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MainView architecture1

MainView is an integrated family of performance management and automation products that monitor and control traditional and parallel mainframes. MainView comprises performance monitors, automated operations, and automation applications.

MainView product integration provides host system monitoring and automation (even in remote locations) through a common terminal session, using the MainView Selection Menu. The integration of MainView products is provided through intercommunications technology known as BBI.

BBI integrates the MainView performance products within a common communications framework that operates across multiple machines in multiple locations. This integrated architecture allows a single terminal session, using one or more MainView products, to monitor and manage multiple local or remote targets.

For maximum flexibility and extensibility, MainView architecture includes built-in separation of the data, application, and end-user dimensions of systems management. BBI communications, data collection, and the end-user terminal session run in three distinct address spaces:

  • Coordinating address space (CAS)

  • Product address space (PAS)

  • User address space (UAS)

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