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MainView Alternate Access functions

MainView Alternate Access performs the following functions:
  • Provides separate VTAM and EXCP interfaces to ISPF for accessing your BMC Software online products, but without requiring the TSO subsystem to be active

  • Supports AutoLogon for selected VTAM or EXCP terminals by an automation product, such as MainView AutoOPERATOR


    AutoLogon is a function that allows both EXCP and VTAM terminal sessions to be configured so they are automatically logged on to an application at session initialization.

  • Initializes and can automatically log on individual terminal sessions at IPL time

  • Dynamically initiates/terminates terminal sessions for user logons/logoffs

  • Runs up to 32 EXCP terminal sessions and any number of defined VTAM sessions concurrently per MVS image

  • Supports full ISPF functionality for each session

  • Offers new password support

  • Provides full data set allocation through a REXX EXEC procedure at session initialization

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