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Installing BBXS

Installing the subsystem is part of the installation process for any product that requires BBXS.

The BBXS FMID, BBBBXnn, where nn is the current BBXS version and release level, is included in the FMID set of every BMC product that requires BBXS.

Place all BMC product load modules, including the BBXS load modules, in the prefix.BBLINK data set. The BBLINK data set must be APF-authorized. If you use BBLINK from either STEPLIB or JOBLIB, all BMC products must specify the same data set.

BMC recommends that you place the BBLINK data set in the LINKLST library concatenation. Using LINKLST is important, but it is even more important to use only one initialization method and to control it carefully.


If you do not place the BBLINK on the Link List, all started tasks and jobs that make use of BBXS must STEPLIB to the BBLINK data set.

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