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Important MainView metrics

The MainView monitoring products collect data about the IT infrastructure and present that data as metrics in views—thousands of metrics in hundreds of views.

How do you know which metrics are most important to the overall health of your IT infrastructure and your critical business services? It is helpful to consider the following hierarchy of metrics:

Class of metric

Most useful to

Most useful for

Class A - Availability

CIOs and director-level management

Determining whether critical systems, subsystems, business applications, and their components are available and ready to do business

Examples include information about started tasks, system services, files, databases, programs, transactions, terminals, connections, and communication devices.

Class B - Performance

Systems programmers application programmers, Help Desk personnel, analysts, and other troubleshooters

Determining infrastructure performance and resource contention, and whether service levels are being met

Examples include system throughput and response times.

Class C - Decision support, configuration, and capacity planning

Capacity planners, software installers, and anyone who requires supporting metrics

Determining the root cause of issues that impact availability and performance; planning for installation and configuration changes; understanding long-term resource requirements and predicting changes to those requirements

Examples include information about the utilization of hardware and software resources such as CPU, memory, and DASD.

When critical business applications are

  • Not available, Class A (Availability) metrics are critically important and other metrics do not matter

  • Available but performing poorly, Class B (Performance) metrics are important

  • Available and performing satisfactorily, Class C (Decision support) metrics are relevant


Focus on Class A (Availability) metrics first; they indicate the status of your critical business services.

This section provides tables of metrics for several areas of the IT infrastructure. Those tables indicate the class for each metric.

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