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How security works with MainView products

The MainView environment provides an interface to ESMs (such as IBM RACF, CA Top Secret, or CA ACF2) by using standard System Authorization Facility (SAF) calls. Two types of security are available for MainView products, depending on the product interface:

  • Windows-mode security

  • Full-screen mode security


  • Additional security is available for MainView Alternate Access, which provides access to products through VTAM and EXCP interfaces without TSO communication support. Security for MainView Alternate Access is independent of other product security. If your site uses MainView Alternate Access, see Controlling MainView Alternate Access.
  • How security is defined for MainView SYSPROG Services, is different from other MainView products. The BBSEC member that contains the TYPE=SYSPROG statement must reside in SYS1.PARMLIB or the logical PARMLIB concatenation. For more information about the TYPE=SYSPROG statement, see the comments in the sample BBSEC member and TYPE=SYSPROG statement.

This section contains the following topics :

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