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Generating JCL to run the installation verification program

Use the following procedure to verify MainView product installation by running BBAIVP, a batch job that examines load modules. You can also run BBAIVP after applying maintenance to verify the applied maintenance.


This task is optional for all products.

Member BBAIVP contains sample JCL that you can use to run program BBAIVP. BBAIVP reports:

  • Any modules that are marked as not executable

  • Programs that should be marked as re-entrant but are not marked

  • Modules that contain unexpected unresolved references

  • The library and number of modules that BBAIVP checked

To verify product installation

  1. In BBSAMP member BBAIVP, replace ???????? with your high-level qualifier.

    The REPORT statement (or a SYSPRINT statement) shown in the following figure specifies the data set for the BBAIVP report. The SYSLIB statement specifies the data set for BBAIVP to check.

  2. Submit BBAIVP for processing.
  3. Check your job output for the following condition codes:




    No errors were found.


    One or more unresolved references were found (see the report for details).


    One or more modules were found not marked as re-entrant but should be (see the report for details).


    An operational error occurred. A message was written to the REPORT file or to SYSLOG.


    • Members BBM9TD20 and BBM9TD21 in BBLINK are not deleted by the Installation System; therefore, BBAIVP will report these modules as being in error. These modules do not create a problem. You can ignore the warnings and safely delete the members if you want to. This applies for version 6.3.00 and later of MainView Infrastructure.

    • The product might operate properly even if errors are found; in that case, contact BMC Customer Support to determine whether a problem exists.

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