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Event automation worksheet


Indicate which event you want to automate, for example, CICS transaction abends or DB2 threads with high CPU utilization:

Event notification

When the event occurs, perform the following notification. Check any notification types that apply and provide user names, TSO user IDs, or product names as appropriate.

  • __ Send a TSO message to:

  • __ Send an e-mail message to:

  • __ Send a page to:

  • __ Open a Help Desk ticket with:

  • __ Forward the event to an event management system, such as BMC Impact Manager:

  • __ Perform another type of notification:

Event automation

When the event occurs, perform the following actions. Check any actions that apply and provide the required information. See Collect information about events for more information about the following actions:

  • __ Issue a command (provide command):

  • __ Log diagnostic information to the MainView AutoOPERATOR journals or system logs:

  • __ Raise a more informative exception by rewording a cryptic message:

  • __ Correlate the event with previous events to provide a more meaningful exception:

  • __ Schedule a REXX EXEC:

  • __ Perform another action:

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