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Element symbols on tabular and detail views

The table below lists the element symbols for tabular and detail views.




Element header


Element threshold operator


Element threshold


Element value

elementname.V Xn

Element value

X is the format type for the value. with the following types:

  • H—hex

  • C—character

  • T—time

  • D—date

  • N—decimal number

  • F—floating point

And n is the number (0-99) of decimal places you want to use for a floating-point valve or the width of the format for other values. If n is not specified the following default values are used:

  • 6 decimal places for floating-point values

  • 10 characters wide for other format values


  • elementname.VF3

    a floating-point valve with three decimal places

  • elementname.VH8

    a hex value 8 characters long

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