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Displaying the status of SSI contexts

The Plex Manager CONACT, CONACTZ, and CONACTD views show the current monitoring status of targets within single system image (SSI) contexts that are defined to the local CAS.

An SSI context enables users to view multiple targets that are running on several system images in a single view and work with the information as if it came from a single system. These views show which MainView products are monitoring their target applications for a specific SSI context. This topic describes how to use these views to assess the current monitoring status of targets within an SSI context.

The following table lists the Plex Manager views that display the monitoring status of SSI contexts. Each view shows the monitoring status with a different level of detail. The views have hyperlinks that allow you to shift between them. The remainder of this topic describes each view in detail.

SSI context activity tasks




Display a list of all available SSI contexts and the summary status of each MainView product defined to an SSI context


Viewing context and product availability (CONACTZ view)

View the status of each MainView product that is monitoring individual targets within an SSI context


Viewing target status in an SSI context (CONACT view)

Display the status of a single MainView product that is monitoring a specific application target within an SSI context


Viewing an individual target status (CONACTD view)

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