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Displaying the DIAGMSG view

The following figure shows an example of the DIAGMSG view. For more information about any field in the DIAGMSG view, place the cursor on the field and press the Help key.
ddmmmyyyy  hh:mm:ss ------- MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( --------------
COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> PAGE
CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>
 W1 =DIAGMSG==========SYSB=====*========ddmmmyyyy==hh:mm:ss=PLEXMGR==D===11===
CMD Option   Status Scope    Description / Diagnostic Activity
--- -------- ------ -------- ---------------------------------
    GXDM     OFF    Global   Extended Diagnostic Mode
    LXDM     OFF    Local    Extended Diagnostic Mode
    GEMM     ON     Global   Extended Message Mode
    LEMM     OFF    Local    Extended Message Mode
    LSEMM    OFF    Local    Security Extended Message Mode
    LESTR    OFF    Local    Extended Security Trace
    GESTR    OFF    Global   Extended Security Trace
    LSSTR    OFF    Local    Simple Security Trace
    GSSTR    OFF    Global   Simple Security Trace
    GSSM     OFF    Global   Safe Security Message Display
    SAFTRC   N/A    LogonID  ACF2 LogonID SAF-TRC attribute
    WSXASTR  OFF    Window   Extended Authorization Simple Trace

To access the DIAGMSG view

Perform one of the following actions:
  • In Plex Manager, type DIAGMSG on the COMMAND line and press Enter.

  • From any MainView product that is running in windows mode, proceed as follows:

    1. From the MainView Selection Menu, select option P, Plex Manager.

      The EZPLEX menu is displayed.

    2. On the EZPLEX menu under Diagnostics, position the cursor on Messages and press Enter.

  • Alternatively, use the following CONtext command to access Plex Manager and display the DIAGMSG view:


The abbreviated name of each diagnostic message or debugging option is shown in the Option field of the DIAGMSG view. The Status field shows the current state (On or Off) of the option. The Scope field indicates the extent of the MainView environment that is being monitored by a specific diagnostic option.

In the CMD field next to the DIAGMSG diagnostic option whose state you want to change, enter one of the following line commands:

  • ON to enable the diagnostic option

  • OFF to disable the diagnostic option

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