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Displaying logged messages

The following views are available to display the messages that were logged by MainView Logger:

    LOGMSG displays messages that were logged by MainView Logger, including extended diagnostic mode (XDM) messages, SYSLOG messages, and BBI-SS PAS journal records.

    To access the LOGMSG view, type LOGMSG on the COMMAND line and press Enter. LOGMSG is displayed.


    LOGRPT displays messages that were logged by MainView Logger, including extended diagnostic mode (XDM) messages, SYSLOG messages, and BBI-SS PAS journal records.

    The fields in the fixed section on the top of the LOGRPT view determines how many records are displayed. By default, the number of records requested for an individual target is 1000 and the time is set to the current time. Overtype the fields in the fixed section or use the LOGTIME primary command to request a different set of records to view.

    LOGRPT is a hybrid view that contains a fixed section and a scrollable section containing row data. The hyperlink on the first field of the fixed section (-|+) is used as a toggle to show (include) or hide (exclude) the display of the fixed section. The primary commands INC FIX and EXC FIX serve the same purpose as the - and + hyperlinks.

    To access the LOGRPT view, type LOGRPT on the COMMAND line and press Enter. LOGRPT is displayed.


    LOGJRNL displays log entries specifically for MainView products that run in a BBI-SS PAS . The journal messages from a BBI-SS PAS are intermixed with all of the logged messages, making it difficult to use the view for BBI-SS PAS messages. The LOGJRNL view isolates the BBI-SS PAS journal messages and includes additional information to make the messages more useful, such as the point of entry of an event or message.

    To access the LOGJRNL view, type LOGJRNL on the COMMAND line and press Enter. LOGJRNL is displayed.


The LOGMSG, LOGRPT, and LOGJRNL views can be accessed from Plex Manager or any MainView product in either windows or full-screen mode.

For products that are running in full-screen mode, LOGMSG, LOGRPT, and LOGJRNL are considered transfer commands rather than view commands. They transfer you from a full-screen application to the LOGMSG, LOGRPT, or LOGJRNL view in windows mode.


ddmmmyyyy  hh:mm:ss ------- MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( --------------
COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> PAGE
CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>
>W1 =LOGMSG===========MVSB=====*========ddmmmyyyy==hh:mm:ss====PLEXMGR==D===13
C # Log        Log          Jobname  Log   
- - Date------ Time-------- -------- Message--- 
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.497 MVLOGGER BBMZL020I USING PARM MEMBER LOGGERR00
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.497 MVLOGGER BBMZL001I MVSSYSTEM=MVSB
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.497 MVLOGGER BBMZL001I LOGSSID=MVL1
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.497 MVLOGGER BBMZL001I MSGFLT=00
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.497 MVLOGGER BBMZL001I MAXPERSEC=15
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.497 MVLOGGER BBMZL001I DUMPCOUNTMAX=1
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.497 MVLOGGER BBMZL001I LOGCYLINDERS=10
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.497 MVLOGGER BBMZL051I LOG FILE 10326104 HAS BEEN RE-O
    2005/05/27 08:51:11.537 MVLOGGER BBMZL057I INITIATING FORMAT OF LOG 103294
    ********************* BOTTOM OF DATA *********************


ddmmmyyyy hh:mm:ss ------ MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( ----------------
COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> CSR 
CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                            
>W1 =LOGRPT============CXTST2===*========ddmmmyyyy==hh:mm:ss====PLEXMGR==D=1000
-  Log Report                                       - Hide Fixed Section      
  Max Files.. 2          Max Search... 50000                                   
  Start Date. CURRENT    Start Time... CURRENT                                 
  Direction.. REV        # of Records. 1000                                    
  First Date: 2009/01/12 First Time:.. 16:06:41.284                            
  Last  Date: 2009/01/12 Last  Time:.. 16:05:49.280                            
C # Log        Log          Jobname  Log                                       
- - Date------ Time-------- -------- Message ---                               
  + 2009/01/12 16:05:49.280 MAO161    -JOBNAME  STEPNAME PROCSTEP    RC   EXCP 
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.280 I10YIMSG  DFS1929I *    DBWP     = 49152           
  + 2009/01/12 16:05:49.286 MAO161    -MAO161                        00    105 
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.286 I10YIMSG  DFS1929I *    DC       = 000             
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.294 I10YIMSG  DFS1929I *    DESC     = 7               
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.294 MAO161    IEF404I MAO161 - ENDED - TIME=16.05.49   
  + 2009/01/12 16:05:49.301 MAO161    -MAO161   ENDED.  NAME-ChecklistOne      
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.301 I10YIMSG  DFS1929I *    DFSDF    =                 
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.308 I10YIMSG  DFS1929I *    DLINM    = I10YDLS         
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.308 MAO161    $HASP395 MAO161   ENDED                  
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.314 I10YIMSG  DFS1929I *    DLIPSB   = 40960           
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.319 I10YIMSG  DFS1929I *    DLQT     = 60              
    2009/01/12 16:05:49.320 JES2      $HASP309 INIT 2    INACTIVE ******** C=K1


ddmmmyyyy  hh:mm:ss ------- MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( --------------
COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> PAGE
CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                            
>W1 =LOGJRNL===========CXTST2===*========20MAR2008==11:15:24====PLEXMGR==D===25
C # Log        Log      Origin   Log                                           
- - Date------ Time---- -------- Message ---                                   
    2008/03/20 10:33:23 TPI9AT08  DATE: 03/20/08     TIME: 10:33:23            
    2008/03/20 10:33:23 TPI9AT08  NODE NAME:           TPI9AT08                
    2008/03/20 10:33:23 TPI9AT08  USER:                TPI9AL08                
    2008/03/20 10:33:23 TPI9AT08  PRESET DESTINATION:                          
    2008/03/20 10:33:23 TPI9AT08  CURRENT SESSION STATUS:                      
    2008/03/20 10:33:23 TPI9AT08     OUTPUT SECURITY AVAILABLE                 
  + 2008/03/20 10:33:35 P49A      TL6250W  TRACE DATASET FULL - BBIQA.I9A420CT.
  + 2008/03/20 10:33:35 P49A      TL6150I  SWITCHING TO NEW TLDS BBIQA.I9A420CT
    2008/03/20 10:33:35 P49A      FOR BOLEFH3  MTRAC HISTORY                   
    2008/03/20 10:33:42 P49A      XS6613I  BBI CONNECTION TERMINATED  FOR  $P40
    2008/03/20 10:33:42 P49A      XS6511E  SESSION TERMINATED, ACBNAME=$P40A   
  + 2008/03/20 10:40:48           DX9501I  RULE: IST663I  SUSPENDED AFTER 100 M
    2008/03/20 10:43:02           DX9502I  RULE: IST663I  IS NO LONGER SUSPENDE
    2008/03/20 10:45:05 CQ02      BBSIR0602E  QueueManagerConnect Failed Contex
    2008/03/20 10:45:05 CSQ1      BBSIR0602E  QueueManagerConnect Failed Contex

For more information about any field in the LOGMSG, LOGRPT, or LOGJRNL view, place the cursor on the field and press the Help key.

LOGMSG, LOGRPT, and LOGJRNL display a screen-size list of messages. You can display the next set of messages by scrolling UP or DOWN. Scrolling DOWN displays more recent messages. Scrolling UP displays older messages. You can also scroll to the right to see additional information about the messages.

To display the complete message text and other detailed information about a specific message, you can:

  • Place the cursor on any highlighted field and press Enter

  • Type S in the line command field next to the message that you want to display and press Enter

The Log Message Detail dialog is displayed.

 Log Message Detail 
COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> PAGE
                                                                       MORE: +
Message Index Information:
 Time           08:51:11.497      Date           2005/05/27
 Job Name       MVLOGGER          Job Number     STC09239
 ASID           337
 Route Codes    2, 11             Desc Codes
 Message Level                    Remote System
 Event Number   1                 Sub-event      1
 Product                          Client Number  1
 Target                           Userid         *
 Record Number  6332              Segments       0

Message Text

END to Return to the View

The Log Message Detail dialog is especially useful for reviewing long messages or multiline WTOs. The complete message text is displayed in the Message Text area.

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