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DEBUG parameter

The optional DEBUG parameter activates debug mode and writes diagnostic messages to the operator console.

This parameter uses the following syntax:

DEBUG={ALL | ERROR | PARM | xxxxxx}


Specify this parameter only at the request of BMC Customer Support because it causes many messages to be written to the operator console.

You can specify multiple DEBUG statements, but the statements must not conflict with each other.

  • If ALL is specified, a message is produced for each socket call.

  • If ERROR is specified, messages are produced only for unsuccessful socket calls.

  • If PARM is specified, a message is produced with parameters 4 through 9 for each socket call.

  • xxxxxx produces messages only for the specified task ID. Each MainView product has one or more task IDs. The main TCP/IP task ID is Global. For product-specific task IDs, see your MainView product documentation.

Debug messages are documented in the MainView online message system. All debug messages have a suffix of D. Some MainView products might display these messages even when debug mode is not active. Those messages will have a suffix of I or E. For those products, if debug mode is activated, some messages will be issued twice, once with the I or E suffix, and once with the D suffix.

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