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Customized libraries

Your customized libraries depend on the MainView products that are installed at your site.


During the installation and customization process, you select whether to use runtime libraries or SMP/E libraries. If you use runtime libraries, your customized library names will start with BMC. If you use SMP/E libraries, your customized library names will start with BB, UBB, or TOSZ. A few library names start with IBB or SBB for runtime or SMP/E libraries. For a list of data set names, see Product library customization summary.

Throughout the MainView documentation, the BB*, UBB*, and TOSZ* data set names are used even if the actual library names start with BMC*.

Customized libraries include some or all of the following libraries:

  • Your own versions of the distributed libraries shown in Distributed libraries used as models during customization

  • Image and journal logs

    The image log is for screen images from timer-driven service requests. The journal log is for BBI-SS PAS and product commands, responses, and messages.

    These logs are used by the MainView AutoOPERATOR, MainView for CICS, MainView for DB2 , MainView for DBCTL, and MainView for IMS Online products.

  • The following product support data sets:

    Data set


    Products that use data set


    Identifies BBPARM configuration member suffixes to the BBI-SS PAS

    • MainView AutoOPERATOR

    • MainView FOCAL POINT

    • MainView for CICS

    • MainView for DB2

    • MainView for DBCTL

    • MainView for IMS Online

    • MainView for MQ

    • MainView VistaPoint


    Stores binary large objects and data across product restarts

    MainView AutoOPERATOR and MainView Alert Manager


    Functions as a profile variable pool

    MainView AutoOPERATOR


    Stores workload configuration definitions

    MainView for z/OS and for products that support historical data processing with the TIME command Data set

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