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Creating a parameter definition member

Use this information to create a parameter definition member.

Before you begin

To create a parameter definition member, your user ID must be authorized to update the BBSECURE security parameter library for each CAS on each system image.

To create a parameter definition member

  1. With the SEPDEFL view displayed, review the list of parameter definition member suffixes and choose a suffix that is not currently in use.
  2. On the COMMAND line, enter SEPDEF SUFFIX( nn), where nn is the suffix for the new member.

    The following message is displayed:

    BBMYA819I Parameter member BBMTSS nn is missing

  3. Disregard the message and press Enter.

    The SEPDEF view is displayed with the security parameters that are defined in the default member, BBMTSS00.

  4. On the COMMAND line, enter EDIT to request an edit session.
  5. On the COMMAND line, type CHA and press Enter.

    The Change Global Security Parameters dialog is displayed, as shown in Change Global Security Parameters dialog.

  6. Enter the appropriate information for each parameter that you want to change.When your changes are complete, press the END key.

    The SEPDEF view is redisplayed.

  7. On the COMMAND line, type SAVE and press Enter to save your parameter changes.

    The Save a Security Parameter Definition dialog is displayed.

  8. (optional) In the Description field, specify a description of up to 30 characters.Press the END key to save the parameter definition member.

    The new BBMTSS nn member is saved in the BBSECURE security parameter library.

  9. To associate the new parameter definition member with the CAS, follow the instructions in Activating a parameter definition member.
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