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CONVXCF parameter

The optional CONVXCF parameter indicates whether a CAS uses the Cross-System Coupling Facility (XCF) to communicate with other CASs in a sysplex environment.

This parameter uses the following syntax:


The default is Y (Yes). If CONVXCF=N is specified, the CAS cannot participate in XCF communication with other CASs.

To use XCF for CAS-to-CAS communication, all participating CASs must:

  • Reside in the same sysplex and XCF group

  • Include X on the COMMORDR parameter (either explicitly or by default)

If all the CASs are in the same sysplex and XCF group, CONVXCF=Y allows the CAS to auto-discover and auto-connect to the other CASs through XCF.

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