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Controlling MainView Logger operation

You might need to modify the operation of the MainView Logger logspace while it is running.

For example, you can query the NGL agent to view a list of active logsets. Or you might need to start or stop the NGL agent. You can also use a MODIFY command for the DBC to control the MainView Logger logspace within the address space without having to restart the DBC, NGL or MainView logger agents. For more information, see the  BMC Infrastructure Components Administration Guide .

Use the following commands to control the MainView Logger logspace where the dbcssid represents the subsystem identifier (SSID) of the DBC:



To start the DBC subsystem as a z/OS started task

START dbcssid

To stop the DBC subsystem

Use one of the following IBM z/OS commands:

  • dbcssid STOP
  • group STOP
  • MODIFY dbcssid STOP

To stop the MainView Logger agent in the DBC

dbcssid MVL,STOP

You can also use the MVS modi(F)y command:

F dbcssid MVL,STOP

To re-start an MainView Logger agent that has been previously stopped

dbcssid MVL,START

You can also use the MVS modi(F)y command:

F dbcssid MVL,START

To display the defined logset characteristics to NGL

dbcssid NGL,CMD,piid DISPLAY LOGSET logsetName

To list the logset that is currently in use by the NGL MainView Logger Agent

Use the NGL command:

dbcssid NGL,CMD,piid LIST LOGSET [logsetName]

You can also use the MVS modi(F)y command:

F dbcssid NGL,CMD,piid LIST LOGSET [logsetName]

The value of the piid is the name of the NGL instance and the logsetName value is optional.

If you do not specify a logset name, all of the logsets are listed.

To display insert and retrieval statistics for a logset

dbcssid NGL,CMD,piid STATUS LOGSET logsetName

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