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Considerations for selecting additional metrics

This appendix contains recommendations for selecting additional, non-Best Practice views and fields to be included in a metric recording request.


You can include any field from any supported view in a metric recording request, and the collected data can be used for research and analysis within MainView Threshold Advisor. However, pushing thresholds for some non-Best Practice fields to the mainframe is not recommended. You should push only Best Practice fields and non-Best Practice fields that meet the criteria listed here.

When you choose a MainView product view for data collection, take into account the following considerations:

  • Some fields are necessary to identify unique objects. These fields are collected automatically, and you cannot exclude them.

  • BMC does not recommend collecting non-numeric or constant fields.

  • You do not have to collect all the Best Practice fields for a view. Some fields are more likely to be useful than others, depending on your hardware and software configurations.

  • Some metrics are available in multiple MainView product views. BMC recommends that you collect these metrics from one view only.

  • If a view contains records for multiple objects, consider how many objects there might be and also how the records are sorted.

Currently, MainView Threshold Advisor has a hard-coded limit of 500 records per view. Even if a view contains more records, only the first 500 are collected. If the records are sorted by a performance metric (such as job CPU utilization), the application collects the first 500 most active jobs. However, if the records are sorted alphabetically, as in some device views, the data collected will not represent.

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