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Configuring, starting, and terminating EXCP AutoLogon sessions

AutoLogon sessions are for terminals that are configured to be directly logged on to a BMC Software product at TAS initialization, without requiring user intervention at the terminal. To achieve this goal, AutoLogon sessions require the OPT( ) subparameter to be passed to ISPF at session initialization.

For the OPT( ) subparameter to be passed, other session parameters must be defined. Required session parameters can be defined

  • Directly to a START command

  • To a BBVTASxx parameter list member in UBBPARM

  • To both a START command and a BBVTASxx member

See Cross-reference of parameters for a list of all TAS parameters and the locations where each parameter may be defined

EXCP terminals must be started as AutoLogon sessions because you cannot initiate an EXCP session from an EXCP terminal. Logon services are not provided for EXCP communications (see Understanding an EXCP terminal session for more information), so a TAS for any EXCP terminal session must be initialized by issuing a START command.

You can run up to 32 EXCP terminal sessions concurrently.

See the following information:

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