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Concepts and features

MainView Alarm Management provides the following features and benefits:

  • Alarm conditions monitored using default or custom thresholds
  • Critical, major, minor, warning, or informational alarm reports based on thresholds
  • Color-coded messages that indicate alarm report severity
  • Views that display alarm reports according to severity and chronology
  • Alarm-report messages that hyperlink to the view where the exception occurred
  • Alarm definitions customized to display messages that apply to your site
  • Monitoring scheduled by time, days, and frequency for each alarm definition
  • Custom help panels for creating site-specific instructions for alarm reports
  • Alarm reports forwarded to MainView AutoOPERATOR for automatic actions
  • MVS Console command can be issued as the start alarm message is generated

While many of the MainView products have monitors that can be set up for reporting on exceptions, Alarm Management can be used to monitor exceptions that are not covered by product monitors.

The following sections introduce you to the major components and features of MainView Alarm Management:

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