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COLD parameter

The optional COLD parameter indicates whether the CAS startup should be a cold start.

This parameter uses the following syntax:

COLD={Y | N}

The default is N (No).

When the CAS initializes, several control blocks and load modules are placed in common storage. Most of this storage is freed when the CAS terminates. However, certain blocks are retained to permit the reuse of previously allocated system resources—in particular, system linkage indexes. In addition, two load modules are retained in common storage. COLD=N reuses those control blocks and load modules rather than building new ones.

Specify COLD=Y only when instructed to do so by BMC Customer Support in an effort to clear an error condition. COLD=Y causes the linkage indexes, control blocks, and load modules to be discarded. The linkage indexes and the common storage that is occupied by those resources are lost until the system is IPLed. Inappropriate use of COLD=Y might exhaust available system linkage indexes, at which point an IPL is required to restore normal system operation.

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