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Changing a resource definition

You can change the security class, entity name, access intent, and log options of a resource definition. If each CAS and PAS has a unique BBSECURE security parameter library, repeat these steps for each appropriate CAS and product PAS.

To change a resource definition

  1. On the COMMAND line of the SERDEFOV or SERDEFEX view, enter EDIT.
  2. In the CMD field next to the resource definition that you want to change, type C and press Enter.
    The Change Security Resource Definition dialog is displayed.
                       Change Security Resource Definition
    COMMAND ===>                                                SCROLL ===> PAGE
                                                                         MORE: +
    Authorize Default - Any Table Actions
    Object    #Default
    Product   COMMON    Type               ACTION
    Action    AnyAction Internal Object
    Enabled?  Y         Internal Action    VIEWACT
    Parms     N         Fields             N
    Parm 1                      -
    Parm 2                      -
    Parm 3                      -
    Parm 4                      -
    Class   $BBM
    Intent  READ
    LogAuth A         (A-Allow N-Never)
    LogFail A         (A-Allow N-Never)

    For information about the fields on this dialog, press the Help key.

  3. Specify the appropriate value for each attribute that you want to change.
  4. When your changes are complete, press the END key. The SERDEFOV or SERDEFEX view is redisplayed.
  5. On the COMMAND line, enter SAVE to save your resource definition changes. The Save Security Resource Definitions dialog is displayed.


    At any time before you enter the SAVE command, you can cancel your changes by entering CANcel on the COMMAND line. The previous resource definitions are reinstated.

  6. (optional) In the Description field, update the existing description or specify a new description of up to 30 characters.
  7. Press the END key to save the resource definition member in the BBSECURE security parameter library.
  8. Reinitialize the CAS and the PAS to activate your changes. If all CASs and PASs share the same BBSECURE library, start the other CASs and PASs. They will automatically use the definitions that you customized in the default member (suffix 00). If any of the CASs or PASs in a shared library environment are not using the updated resource definition, see Activating a resource definition member to ensure that the default member (suffix 00) is properly defined.

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