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CAS started task procedure statements

The following table lists the CAS started task procedure statements.

Table 1. CAS started task procedure statements



// procname PROC

This statement identifies the started task procedure and its parameters.


You can override these parameters with the START command for the CAS, as described in the MainView Administration Guide.


References a program named BBM9ZA00 that processes EXEC parameters and performs basic initialization tasks

You can use the PARM parameter to override the default parameter values that are specified with the PROC statement

TIME=1440 defines unlimited processing time for the CAS.

REGION=4096K specifies the size of the private region that is required by the CAS. Do not define a region smaller than 4096 K.


Defines the BBLINK load library, which contains load modules for all MainView products

The CAS requires some of these load modules; each product address space requires other modules.


This statement should be deleted if BBLINK is added to your system link list.


Defines the data set that contains security resource definitions

These definitions are used by the CAS and PAS to determine whether security checking should occur for access to systems, products, views, and actions. The same data set name must be defined for the CAS started task procedure BBSECURE statement and the PAS started task procedure BBSECURE statement.


Defining a BBSECURE data set is only part of setting up security with your external security manager (ESM). For more information, see the MainView Security Guide.


Defines the data set that contains distributed action and view tables

These tables help the CAS determine valid view names and actions. The BBACTDEF data set also contains default security parameter files and resource definition files. The CAS accesses this data set in response to window commands and actions that are associated with Plex Manager views.


Defines the library that contains distributed views


Defines and concatenates MainView product parameter libraries

If you establish cross-system communication or create target or SSI contexts, all definitions are stored in the hlq.UBBPARM data set, which is created by MainView Customization.

hlq.BBPARM contains distributed parameters.

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