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CAS MODIFY commands for MainView Alarm Management

To control and query MainView Alarm Management in the CAS, use the MODIFY command from an MVS console. The MODIFY command uses the following syntax:

/F mvAlarmCasStepName,MVA, command

In the example, the variables have the following values:

  • mvAlarmCasStepName is the CAS step name

  • command is one of the MainView Alarm Management MODIFY commands


When you are using the MODIFY commands, the upper-case characters used in the command names in following table show the command abbreviation. For example, you can use STAT ALL for the STATus ALL command.

In following table, the variables used with the commands have the following values:

  • library—the name of an alarm library

  • group—the name of an alarm group

  • pattern—an optional pattern for matching alarm names in a group

MODIFY commands



Displays the help information for the MODIFY commands


Lists the group names in the ACTIVE library and the number of alarm definitions in each group


Lists detailed information for all the alarm definitions that are in the ACTIVE library


Lists alarm evaluation task IDs with target information

ACTivate library group pattern

Moves alarm definitions from the specified library and group that match pattern to the ACTIVE library and activates the alarm definitions

INActivate group pattern

Moves alarm definitions from the specified group that match pattern to the INACTIVE library and stops processing the alarm definitions

ENAble group pattern

Resumes processing for a disabled alarm definitions from the specified group that match pattern

DISable group pattern

Stops processing for alarm definitions from the specified group that match pattern


Stops ALARM processing in CAS


Starts diagnostic alarm output


Stops diagnostic alarm output


Starts ALARM processing

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