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BBIVARxx syntax rules

The following syntax rules apply to processing within the BBIVARxx member:
  • Any number of entries can be specified.

  • Each line is restricted to 72 characters, and entries cannot be continued over multiple lines.

  • Variables names can have a maximum length of 32 characters.

  • An asterisk in column one indicates a comment line and causes the line to be ignored.

  • An assignment statement can be in either of the following formats:


    VARIABLE = value

    The first format must be used if the variable value contains blanks; otherwise, blank spaces are ignored. An example follows:

    MYVAR = 'A B C' (MYVAR is set to A B C)

    MYVAR = A B C (MYVAR is set to A)

  • Variable names are always translated to uppercase letters.

  • Variable names must conform to TSO/E IBM REXX syntax.

  • Variables are created in the variable pool exactly as specified. REXX stem variables do not experience any form of substitution. For example, the following specification creates a variable called A and a variable called I.A, not I.0:

    A = 0

    I.A = 5

  • Variables beginning with the letter Q cannot be assigned. Q-variables are BBI-SS PAS internal and have read-only access.

  • If the variable itself is to contain a single quotation mark ('), enclose the string in double quotation marks ('). If the variables is to contain double quotation marks, enclose the string in single quotation marks (').

If any of the preceding conditions are not met, an error or warning message is issued, accompanied by an additional message that identifies the invalid line. Invalid entries are skipped, and processing continues.


Valid entries are as follows:

TEST1 = 25

test2 = 15

end_of_day = TRUE


TEST1.A = 5

Invalid entries are as follows:

'TEST1' = 25

TEST1* = 255

COMMENT = 'SHIFT CYCLE (End quotation mark is missing.)

QSMID = SYSB (Q-variables are reserved and read-only.)

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