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BBIBBCFG parameters

BBPARM member BBIBBCFG is a model for UBBPARM members to identify suffixes of BBPARM configuration members to the BBI-SS PAS.

To implement this facility, add a //BBCFG DD statement specifying either a member in a PDS, or a sequential dataset in the DSN=parameter. The specified member or dataset will then identify the valid suffixes for members in BBPARM that support suffixing.


BMC recommends that you also add the member to the UBBPARM dataset.

The following products use the BBIBBCFG member:

  • MainView AutoOPERATOR

  • MainView FOCAL POINT

  • MainView for CICS

  • MainView for DB2

  • MainView for DBCTL

  • MainView for IMS Online

  • MainView for IMS Offline

  • MainView for MQ

The following parameters are supported:

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