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Additional resources for products that run in a BBI-SS PAS

Additional security is available for common control commands

Display-only common control commands (FEATURE=BBIDISP)

You can specify who can issue the common control commands that take actions (such as .RESET and .CANCEL) with the following resource:

By specifying FEATURE=BBIDISP, you can specify who can issue display-only common control commands such as .DISPLAY, .HELP, and .LOCATE with the following resource:

After you implement FEATURE=BBIDISP and specify access with the BBIDISP resource, security checking will first determine if a user has authority to use any common control commands. If a user does not have access to commands that take actions, security checking continues to determine if the user has authority to issue display-only common control commands.

Common control commands that originate from an MVS console (FEATURE=CONSCMD)

Specify FEATURE=CONSCMD and the following resource name to control who has the authority to issue control commands from a MVS console:

Using FEATURE=CONSCMD might impact automation. If you implement security with FEATURE=CONSCMD, you might need to modify MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules that specify an MVS Command in the Rule's automation action. The user ID associated with the MainView AutoOPERATOR PAS requires READ authority to either issue BBI commands or schedule an EXEC. This can also result in EXECs that use the IMFEXEC CMD command to fail within MainView AutoOPERATOR because the PAS user ID is not authorized to either issue a BBI command or schedule an EXEC.

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