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Activating a parameter definition member

If you created a new parameter definition member with a suffix that is different from the default suffix of 00 (such as BBMTSS99), you must:
  • Associate that suffix with the CAS

  • Reinitialize the CAS

To activate a parameter definition member

  1. On the COMMAND line from within Plex Manager, enter CASDEF to display the CASDEF view.
  2. On the COMMAND line, enter EDIT to request an edit session.
  3. In the CMD field next to the CAS definition that you want to change, type C and press Enter.
    The Change a CAS System Definition dialog is displayed.
  4. In the SepDef Suffix field, enter the 2-digit value of the parameter definition member that you want the local CAS to use.
  5. Press the END key to redisplay the CASDEF view.
  6. On the COMMAND line, enter the SAVE command to save the updated CAS definition in the BBPARM library.
  7. Reinitialize the CAS.
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