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Accessing the HFSPATH view

To access the HFSPATH view, perform one of the following actions:
  • On the EZPLEX menu under Administration, position the cursor on HFSPATH entries and press Enter.

  • In Plex Manager, type HFSPATH on the COMMAND line and press Enter.

  • From any MainView product that is running in windows mode, use the following CONtext command to access Plex Manager and display the HFSPATH view: 

The following figure is displayed.

14MAR2008  15:06:07 ------ MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( ----------------
COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> CSR 
CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                            
>W1 =HFSPATH===========BCVC=====*========14MAR2008==15:06:07====PLEXMGR==D===17
CMD CAS      Shared Status   Path                           Source           Up
--- Name---- ------ -------- Data--------                   ------------     Us
    BCVC     No     Active   /shrd/MVI/SJSC/                RTCS Registry    MV
    CXTST2   No              /MainView                      RTCS Registry    BI
    C6CC     No              /shrd/MVI/SJSC/                RTCS Registry    RO
    MADNSJSC No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA
    MAEWSJSC No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA
    MA21SJSC No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA
    SJSCAXS1 No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA
    SJSCBBCS No              /home/bmcdxg/zfs               RTCS Registry    BM
    SJSCC600 No              /MainView2/MV60                RTCS Registry    MV
    SJSCDJM2 No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    AA
    SJSCJCM1 No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA
    SJSCKMZ1 No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA
    SJSCRTR1 No              /home/sjscrtr1                 RTCS Registry    MV
    SJSCSHSS No              /u/mvshxs1                     RTCS Registry    MA
    SJSCSNCS No              /home/btssqn/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA
    SJSCVGM1 No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA
    SJSCWOM1 No              /home/rohjac/zfs               RTCS Registry    MA

The entry that is in use by the local CAS is the one with a status of Active.

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