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Accessing Alert Management

Access Alert Management from the EZALARMS view.

To access Alert Management

On the EZALARMS menu, position your cursor on MVAlert, and press Enter. The EZALERT menu is displayed.
  ddmmmyyyy hh:mm:ss --------- MainView WINDOW INTERFACE (
COMMAND  ===>                                                SCROLL ===> CSR
CURR WIN ===> 1             ALT WIN ===>
 W1 =EZALERT========DXTSTH===*====--==ddmmmyyyy===hh:mm:ss====MVALERT==D===1
                             Alert Management                            
  Alert Detail                                      Alert Summary
. Ordered by Time        |   Place cursor on    | . Summarized by Target
. Ordered by Queue Name  |    menu item and     | . Summarized by Queue
. Ordered by Priority    |     press ENTER      | . All Queues

The EZALERT menu is the starting point for using Alert Management. From the EZALERT menu, you can display alerts in several different ways:

  • Alert Detail views present detailed alert information sorted by the following properties:

    • time (the default)

    • queue name

    • priority

  • Alert Summary views present summarized alert information for the following objects:

    • targets

    • queues

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