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This space provides the same content as before, but the organization of the home page has changed. The content is now organized based on logical branches instead of legacy book titles. We hope that the new structure will help you quickly find the content that you need.


MainView Selection menu

------------------------- MainView Selection Menu --------------------------
OPTION  ===>                                              DATE   -- mm/dd/yy
                                                          TIME   -- hh:mm
     0  Parameters and Options                            USERID -- tsoid
     1  MainView Administration                           MODE   -- ISPF v.r
     E  Alerts and Alarms
     P  PLEX Management (PLEXMGR)
     U  Utilities, Tools, and Messages

  Solutions for:
     A  Automated Operations
     C  CICS 
     D  DB2 
     I  IMS 
     J  JAVA Environments     
     L  Linux and z/VM 
     N  Network Management
     O  Cost Optimization 
     S  Storage Management
     T  Application Management and Performance Tuning
     W  MQ and WAS 
     Z  z/OS and USS 

     Enter X to Terminate


 21MAR2019  11:08:47 ------ MAINVIEW WINDOW INTERFACE (V6.3.00) ----------------
 COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> CSR  
 CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                            
 >W1 =EZALARMS==========SJSC=====*========21MAR2019==11:08:47====PLEXMGR==D====1
                               Alarm Management                                 
     Alarm Definition                                   Alarm Reports           
   . By Name                +----------------------+  . Current by Severity     
   . By Library             |   Place cursor on    |  . Current by Name         
   . By Group               |    menu item and     |  . Current by Target       
   . By Product             |     press ENTER      |  . Current by Product      
   . By Target (Context)    +----------------------+  . Current by Solution Prof
   . By Solution Profile                              . Sum by Severity         
   . Active Alarms                                    . Sum by Name             
   . Migrated Alarms                                  . Sum by Solution Profile 
   . Summary by Group                                 . Alarm Report Log        
                             Status and Performance   . Recent Alarm Report     
     Activity Log           . Alarm Evaluator Status  . Alarm Activity          
   . Alarm Modifications    . Alarm Status Detail                               
   . Alarm Parm Actions     . Alarm Performance         Other                   
   . Alarm Console Command                            . Alarm Parameters        
                                                      > MVAlert                 
                                                      . Deployment Requests     

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