This documentation supports the 22.1 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker.

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Enabling Problem Management for multiple instances of JIRA Software

When configuring the DevOps integration feature with multiple instances of Atlassian Jira Software, create copies of the Connector Process JIRA process for each instance of Jira. To enable the Problem Management functionality for each Jira instance after your BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker environment is upgraded, add the Problem Management values to the Connector Process JIRA configuration for each Jira instance.

For multiple Jira instances, if you have copies of Jira connector process that doesn’t support creation of Jira issues from problem, update the existing Jira connector process copies to incorporate the Create Jira issue from Problem block. However, if you have the latest Jira connector process, you need to create the copy and the Create Jira issue from Problem block would be automatically added. Similarly, if you have copies of Jira connector process that doesn’t support work order, update the existing Jira connector process copies to incorporate the work order block.


You need to update the processes using the Process designer. For detailed information about using the Process designer, see  Defining the application business logic through processes Open link .

To update copies of Connector Process JIRA

  1. As an administrator, log in to BMC Helix Innovation Suite.
  2. Navigate to Libraries > Ticket Brokering Library.
  3. Under Processes, select Connector Process JIRA and click Copy for a Jira instance.
  4. Add Problem Record as an Input Variable.
    1. In the right pane of the Process designer click the Process Properties   tab. 
    2. Under Variables, click Add/Remove variables
    3. Click Add Variable
    4. Create the Problem Record variable with the following field details: 

      NameProblem Record
      Variable ID466000070
      Variable TypeInput
      Data TypeRecord
      Record DefinitionProblem
    5. Click Save.
  5. In the Palette under Activities, drag the Connector element onto the process canvas and name it Create Jira issue from Problem.
  6. Select the Connector element and click the Element Properties  tab.
  7. Under Input Map, in the Connection field, use the connector target for your Jira instance.

    ConnectionMCSM JIRA

    Create Issue

  8. For each parameter, click  to open the expression builder.  For more information about the expression builder, see  Expression Editor Open link .

  9. Using the expression builder, update the parameters with the values provided in the following table, and then click OK. 

    Issue Summary

    Add the following expression using the fields available under Problem Record

    (( Remedy Problem ID + " ") + Summary)

    Issue Type

    Enter "Story"

    ProjectEnter "Project"
    Dynamic FieldsAdd the Dynamic Fields field available under Process Variables.
    Issue DescriptionAdd the Description field available under Problem Record.
    LabelsAdd the Remedy Problem ID field available under Problem Record.
    PriorityEnter "P3"

    For mapping parameters with hard coded values, use the values in a double quote in the expression editor.

  10. In the right pane of the Process designer, click the Element Properties  tab.

  11. Under Output Map, for each parameter, click  to open the expression builder. 

  12. Using the expression builder, update the parameters with values provided in the following table, and then click OK:

    Vendor Ticket Data


    Vendor Ticket IDIssue key

    The values are available under Activities > Create JIRA issue from Problem > Output

  13. Create a condition line from the exclusive gateway to the connector block and define an action for it.
    1. Click the condition line, and click the Links tab.
    2. On the Element Properties  tab, under Condition click to open the expression builder.
    3. Using the expression builder, update the parameter with the following condition: Action Name = "Create Ticket From Problem", and then click OK.
  14. Add a termination line from the connector block to the end process indicator

Save the process to add the required information for creating Jira records from a Problem record.

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