What ALERTs are

An MainView AutoOPERATOR ALERT consists of a number of components both textual (visible) and user-specified (machine accessible). MainView AutoOPERATOR ALERTs are messages that MainView AutoOPERATOR creates to notify operators of exceptional situations that might require manual intervention and attention.

MainView AutoOPERATOR ALERTs can originate from

  • MainView AutoOPERATOR Rule Processor


  • IBM NetView address spaces issuing the NAIEXEC ALERT command

The way an ALERT looks and functions depends on what you specify when the ALERT is created from any of these sources.

For documentation about how ALERTs are generated from these sources, refer to Table 1.

Table 1. Where to find more information about ALERTs

To read about


Creating ALERTs based on various system events with MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules

MainView AutoOPERATOR Basic Automation Guide, Volume 1: Using Rules contains information about how to create Rules and how to create ALERTs from Rules

Creating ALERTs from MainView AutoOPERATOR REXX (or CLIST) EXECs

MainView AutoOPERATOR Advanced Automation Guide

Creating ALERTs from the NetView address space

'MainView AutoOPERATOR ACCESS NV' section in the MainView AutoOPERATOR Options User Guide

In addition, MainView AutoOPERATOR maintains information about

  • the date and time ALERTs originated

  • where the ALERTs originated from

  • the ALERT's priority and color

  • the ALERT's queuing characteristics

  • target user information

  • any user-specified data associated with a particular ALERT

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