Using the TOM programming interface

Using the TOMEXEC functions from a REXX EXEC has the same effect as issuing commands for an object (or set) from the TOM user interface. Use the TOMEXEC functions from EXECs to schedule automation processing from both inside and outside of the MainView environment.

Some of the TOM object-management functions that you can schedule from REXX EXECs include the following actions:

  • Add, change, delete object, set, layer, and calendar definitions

  • Starting, stopping, or bouncing an object (or set of objects)

  • Setting a user property for an object (or set)

  • Changing an object’s control mode between SUSPEND and ACTIVE


When performing custom automation that involves functions such as starting, stopping or bouncing an object, BMC recommends you use MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules instead of writing and scheduling REXX EXECs. Using Rules automation is simpler, uses less resources, and is easier to maintain than using EXECs. TOM object-management functions such as START, STOP, and RESET can be issued as actions from a Rule.

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