Using the TOM offload and upload utility

You can easily copy (offload) the TOM registry to another data set and then copy (upload) it to another TOM PAS.

You might perform this process for one of the following reasons:

  • You have created layer objects and layer sets that you have attached, and you need to propagate the generated objects and sets to other sysplexes.

  • You have edited the definitions of layer objects or layer sets, and you want to replicate those changes in the generated objects and sets that are running on other sysplexes.

  • You have determined that the current registry is too small, and you want to create a larger registry into which you will copy the current registry.

To offload the registry by using the MODIFY command

  1. On the z/OS operator console or SDSF command line COMMAND line, enter: F TOMAddressSpace,REGISTRY DUMP DD(ddname).

    The following table describes the parts of the preceding command:




    Abbreviation for the MODIFY console command


    Jobname or step name of the TOM PAS containing the registry that you are copying to another TOM PAS


    Name of a DD card that must refer to an existing, predefined data set with the following attributes:

    Organization: PS

    Record format: VB

    Record length: 8192

    Block size: 27998

    This DD card must be in the TOM Started Task JCL.

  2. During the TOM startup phase, upload the registry to another TOM by updating BBIPARM member MAMINIxx with a PRIMEDD parameter that contains a valid ddname.

    For example, you could specify:


    where REGDUMP is a DD card in the TOM Started Task JCL that refers to the data set ddname from Step 1. The ddname can point to the output data set that was used by the Automated Registry Backup facility. For more information, see the Automated Registry Backup facility.

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