Using the MainView AutoOPERATOR interface to Control-O and CMEM

This section describes how to implement an interface between MainView AutoOPERATOR and the Control-O and Control-M Event Manager (CMEM) products.

By following the instructions in this chapter, you will be able to use the Set IOA Variable field on the Rule Processor Action Specification(s) panel. The Rule sends a request to set an IOA variable to all subscribing Control-O or CMEM regions on the local LPAR.

From there it can be sent to other INCONTROL products in the sysplex by using INCONTROL resources and facilities.


You must be running version 6.2 or later of Control-O or CMEM with the following PTFs applied:

  • PA16814

  • PA16815

  • PA16816

  • PA16817

  • PA16818

To support sending MainView AutoOPERATOR requests through CMEM, you must also apply the PTF described in the BMC APAR number IO10019. Without this PTF applied, MainView AutoOPERATOR cannot send requests to CMEM.

To allow Control-O or CMEM to process these requests, you must write one or more rules in Control-O to process the MainView AutoOPERATOR request event. You can review an example of the Control-O rule in BBSAMP member AOSIVTBL and copy the data in this member into the appropriate Control-O or CMEM library. You might also need to modify it and activate it so that Set IOA Variable events from MainView AutoOPERATOR can be processed in Control-O.

In addition, this section includes the following topic:

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