Using the MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ workstation

MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ provides the IBM MQ Workstation panel.

You can use this panel to view both performance and queue information from a single panel. As with all other BBI displays, the IBM MQ Workstation can be pointed to from one BBI-SS PAS target to another.

Use the IBM MQ Workstation panel, shown in the following figure, to view statistics that show how much automation of IBM MQ events has been accomplished and to see which queues are active for this BBI-SS PAS.

Figure 1. MQ Workstation panel

BMC Software  ----------  MQ Workstation ---------------  AutoOPERATOR
COMMAND ===>                                                 TGT ===> JBAO     
Interval ==> 3      INPUT                                    DATE --- YY/MM/DD 
Commands: ALL, EQI xxx, NEQI xxx, EE xxx, NEE xxx            TIME --- 19:20:11 
---------------------------- Performance Statistics ---------------------------
Total Queues Included               42                                         
Total MQS Messages Arrived           9   Total MQS Messages Handled          1 
Instrument. Events Arrived           9   Instrument. Events Handled          1 
User Messages Arrived                0   User Messages Handled               0 
Current Instr.Arrival Rate/Min       0   Peak Instr. Arrival Rate/Min        0 
Rule Generated Alerts                0   Rule Triggered EXECs                1 
-------------------------------- Queue Management -----------------------------
                                                  Queues   Event Qs  Enabled
Queue Manager                                    Incl./Tot Included  Events
CSQA                                                4/5        CP       SLIPR  
CSQ1                                                4/5        CP       SLIPR  
JBQ                                                15/17       CPF      SLIPRF 
JQ                                                 18/19       CP       SLIPR  
******************************** Bottom of Data *******************************

This panel is divided into two parts:

  • Performance Statistics

  • Queue Management

With these two areas, you can see statistics on both the performance of IBM MQ and the status of individual queues.

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