Using the CICS System Status panel

This section describes the CICS System Status panel.

The CICS System Status panel has three areas. The first area, called the Control Area, is explained in the chapter “Describing Common Application Functions and Display Fields” in the MainView AutoOPERATOR Basic Automation Guide, Volume 2.

You can use the following primary commands on the COMMAND line of the CICS System Status application.


Resulting Action


invokes other applications when you press Enter, based on the position of the cursor

It functions as if you press Enter with the command line blank. It exists for compatibility purposes only.


invokes screen refresh mode


displays the CICS System Status Profile panel


sorts the ALERTs in the ALERTs Display

The SORT TIME command sorts the ALERTs with the most recently issued ALERT at the top of the display. The SORT QUEUE command sorts the ALERTs by queue with the most recently created queue at the top of the display. To change the sort criteria, use the Initial sort sequence field on the CICS System Status panel or the CICS System Status Profile panel.

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