Using the BROADCAST application

Use the S line command to iteratively select and route messages to terminals.

When a terminal is selected, the MESSAGE column reads MARKED and the line is displayed in reverse video (or it is highlighted). After you issue the SEND primary command, the message is routed to the selected terminals. The MESSAGE column reads ROUTED for those terminals.

Alternatively, you can use the SELECT primary command to select a list of terminals, using generic specifications. The panel is redisplayed with a short message indicating the number of terminals selected by the command, and the terminal list is positioned at the first TERM ID selected.


Any criteria following the SELECT command refers to the column in the Sort Criteria field (Term-ID or VTAM nodename).

To send the message to the selected terminals, enter SEND on the COMMAND line and press Enter. Use the scroll keys to examine the list of selected terminals.

When you press Enter, the panel is redisplayed and ROUTED is displayed in the MESSAGE column. You can use SELECT iteratively to select and route messages to terminals. To clear the messages from the terminal display, exit and re-enter the BROADCAST panel, or use the EOF key to erase the lines.

The fields on this panel are as follows:

Field name



one- to four-character CICS terminal ID for this terminal


one- to eight-character VTAM node name for this terminal

For a non-VTAM terminal, this field is blank.


one- to eight-character logon ID for the user who is currently signed on to this terminal

This field is blank if an external security manager is not being used with the CICS region.


one- to four-character transaction ID that is currently running on this terminal

This field is blank if no transaction is currently executing at this terminal


one- to eight-character hardware terminal type and model


access method (for example, VTAM or BTAM) used for this terminal


current VTAM status (for example, ACQUIRED, RELEASED) of this terminal


contains ROUTED for any terminals that have had the message text routed to them otherwise, it is blank

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