Using DATABASE applications

This section introduces the DATABASE applications.

The DATABASE option comprises a menu and set of applications. Use the menu to select an application to manage

  • all the databases defined to a IMS region

  • Fast Path data entry databases (DEDB)

  • Fast Path DEDB areas and area data sets

Select the DBCTL DATABASE option from the CICS OPERATOR WORKSTATION panel.

Figure 1. DBCTL DATABASE options menu

BMC Software ----------------- DATABASE OPTIONS ----------------- AutoOPERATOR
OPTION  ===>                                                 DATE  -- YY/MM/DD
                                                             TIME  -- 09:54:03

      1  DATABASES  - Display/Modify DL/I Databases
      2  DEDB       - Display/Modify Data Entry Databases
      3  AREA       - Display/Modify DEDB Areas

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